Our sponsors


Looking for an interesting way to promote your company's product(s) or research?

The Supporting Health by Technology conference offers an excellent opportunity to get in contact with a wide variety of (inter-)national professionals interested in Health and Technology.

The conference offers a platform where Science and Healthcare meet Business.

Participants typically are scientists, policy makers, healthcare professionals, ICT professionals and students, but also many others.

We provide various opportunities to become sponsor of the conference and offer prices that might fit to your budget for the (online) exposure of your organization. Also there is a valuable option to demonstrate your product and gain feedback.  

Are you interested in becoming sponsor? 

You can obtain further information by sending an email to healthbytech 

What are the sponsorship options? 

See below for the sponsor packages for the online conference. 

Sponsor package  Bronze  Silver  Gold 
Price  €199,-  €349,-  €499,- 
Your logo on our website  X  X  X 
Promotion materials to include in the conference bag   X  X  X 
Your logo visible during the conference    X  X 
Conference access for two people (à 90 euro p.p.)    X  X 
Promotional message on our social media channels    X  X 
A short demonstration of your product and opportunity for feedback from participants      X 

 What are the payment and cancellation policies? 

After registration you will receive an invoice from the University of Twente. This invoice must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. 

 Cancellation before May 1, 2021: 50% of the costs 

Cancellation after May 1, 2021: 100% of the costs will be invoiced.