Demos and Workshops

Demos and posters will be uploaded before the conference via the SCOOCS platform. More information for authors here


Demo 1. InTake Care: a framework to enhance medication adherence based on passive gesture-tracking and tailored engagement (Silvia Maddalena Rossi, Claudio Pighini, Emanuele Tauro, Grzegorz Bilo, Gianfranco Parati, Alessandra Gorini, Mahshad Khornegah, Sarah Solbiati, Sara Moccia and Enrico G Caiani) 

Demo 2. No more inconvenient blood collection in the clinic, do it yourself! (Vincent Molenaar and Annelijn Goedhart) 

Demo 3. “Kracht TeRUG” – Positive Psychology eHealth for spinal surgery patients, developed through co-creation (Annemieke van der Horst, Karlein Schreurs, Ernst Bohlmeijer, Feike de Graaff and Saskia Kelders) 

Demo 4. Virtual Reality for Physiotherapy – Functional Reach Training for Automating Walking Patterns (Gido Hakvoort, Loes Bulle, Hilco Prins, Josien Kosse, Edwin Nibbering, Coen Kniknie and Marike Hettinga) 

Demo 5. Health Text Processing with Orange (Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Peter Kok, Wouter Smink, Bernard Veldkamp, Gerben Westerhof and Anneke Sools 

Demo 6. Self-compassion by Tech: A Demonstration of a Supportive Self-compassion App for People with Newly Diagnosed Cancer (Judith Austin, Stans Drossaert, Jelle van Dijk, Robbert Sanderman, Maya Schroevers and Ernst Bohlmeijer) 

Demo 7. IJ-lab: less assumptions, more research (Matthijs Spruijt) 

Demo 8. Using virtual nature to promote social connectedness in older adults through storytelling (Kars Otten, Thomas van Rompay, Debby Gerritsen, Jan-Willem van T Klooster and Gerben Westerhof 

Demo 9. Quickly connect people struggling with substance misuse to treatment that matches their needs (Patricia Stoddard Dare, Miyuki Tedor and Michelle Unanagst) 

Demo 10. Supporting bariatric surgery patients in their aftercare journey: a playful technological intervention “Truth-or-Dare?” (Emma Driesse, Pepijn Verburg, Jos-Marien Jansen and Carine Lallemand)

Demo 11. Using a mobile laboratory for field research: experiences on the road and in the field (Jan-Willem van T Klooster)


Workshop 1. Exploring the Possibility of AI Paternalism in Health Apps (Michael Kühler and Katja Stoppenbrink) 

Workshop 2. Serious games for professional skills: an escape room for exploring the possibilities of eMental Health (Joyce Bierbooms, Milou Feijt, Wijnand Ijsselsteijn, Meddy Weijmans, Wouter Sluis-Thiescheffer and Inge Bongers 

Workshop 3. Co-designing technology with health care professionals: yet another task on their plate? (Anita Cremers and Rosa de Vries) 

Workshop 4. Lessons Learned from implementing an ICT innovation in the care and support sector (Annemarie Johannes and Geja Langerveld