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Poster 1. The use of outcome data for shared decision making in breast cancer follow-up – the SHOUT-BC study protocol (Jet Ankersmid, Constance Drossaert, Luc Strobbe, Cornelia van Uden Kraan and Sabine Siesling) 

Poster 2. Access to Music for People with Dementia (Rik Wesselink, Geke Ludden, Berry Eggen and Marike Hettinga) 

Poster 3. Co-creating with patients and other stakeholders: design of an eHealth intervention to support long-term behavior change and weight loss maintenance (Rikke Aune Asbjørnsen, Jobke Wentzel, Mirjam Lien Smedsrød, Marianne Ollivier, Jøran Hjelmesæth, Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen and Lise Solberg Nes) 

Poster 4. Evaluating an online patient portal for communicating laboratory test results: A real-world study into patients’ attitude using the eHealth Impact Questionnaire (eHIQ) (Rosian Tossaint, Esther Talboom-Kamp, Annelijn Goedhart, Anke Versluis and Marise Kasteleyn) 

Poster 5. The Impact of Patient Characteristics on the Attitudes Toward an Online Patient Portal for Communicating Laboratory Test Results: real world-study (Rosian Tossaint, Marise Kasteleyn, Annelijn Goedhart, Anke Versluis and Esther Talboom-Kamp) 

Poster 6. Effect of motivational interviewing combined with digital shoe-fitting on adherence to orthopedic shoes: study protocol (Manon Jongebloed-Westra, Christina Bode, Erik Koffijberg, Jaap van Netten, Peter ten Klooster, Stein Exterkate and Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen) 

Poster 7. A Pilot Study on the Diameter app: Lifestyle Support for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients (Niala den Braber, Eclaire A.G. Hietbrink, Anouk Middelweerd, Annemieke A.J. Konijnendijk, Miriam M.R. Vollenbroek-Hutten and Gozewijn D. Laverman 

Poster 8. Improving health literacy in Rural Communities in Africa through mobile technologies for a more inclusive healthcare  (Ismaila Ouedraogo, Borlli Michel Jonas Some, Roland Benedikter and Gayo Diallo) 

Poster 9. Remote Patient Monitoring App for Traumatic Brain Injuries (Yashwee Kothari) 

Poster 10. eHealth as a tool to support dental hygiene of frail elderly: an explorative study (Ybranda Koster, Laurence Alpay, Linda Wauben and Carla de Graaf) 

Poster 11. The Role of national culture in the adoption of public e-health systems in Sweden (Shweta Premanandan and Pär Ågerfalk) 

Poster 12. Technologies for the detection and prevention of pressure ulcers-the need for capability sensitive design (Lily Frank and Naomi Jacobs) 

Poster 13. Inclusive eHealth Development and Implementation for People with Intellectual Disabilities (Julia van Calis, Kirsten Bevelander and Jenneken Naaldenberg) 

Poster 14. Perceived acceptability of persuasive features in mHealth interventions: Does stage of change matter? (Kimberly Bakker, Christian Wrede and Pelin Gül) 

Poster 15. Implementation of e-mental health interventions for informal caregivers: a systematic review (Chelsea Coumoundouros, Erika Mårtensson, Giulia Ferraris, Louise von Essen, Robbert Sanderman and Joanne Woodford) 

Poster 16. Exploring the design requirements and design recommendations for an eHealth tool to support young adult caregivers: A usability study (Srishti Dang, Anne Looijmans, Giovanni Lamura and Mariët Hagedoorn) 

Poster 17. Identification of Factors Contributing Towards Development of an Engaging Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Application for Self-management (Kuthethur Sneha Jagannath Das, Nic Moens and Felix Janszen) 

Poster 18. Social media use, loneliness, and well-being among older adults: the moderating role of social cohesion (Rosa Krause, Inge Knippenberg, Catherine Bolman, Lilian Lechner, Denise Peels and Montserrat Prats López) 

Poster 19. A framework for personas creation to monitor risk of Covid-19 burnout in nurses (Emanuele Tauro, Chiara Caglio, Alessandra Gorini and Enrico G Caiani) 

Poster 20. Digital alcohol moderation intervention for cancer survivors: health economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial (Ajla Mujcic, Matthijs Blankers, Brigitte Boon, Anne H. Berman, Heleen Riper, Margriet van Laar and Rutger Engels) 

Poster 21. Defining the Pre-Examination Experience of MRI patients through Affective Interaction (Katja van Weert, Tianyi Chen, Pepijn Verburg and Carine Lallemand) 

Poster 22. Identifying Subgroups of Cannabis Users Based on Help-Seeking Preferences: a Latent Class Analysis (Marleen Olthof, Matthijs Blankers, Margriet van Laar and Anneke Goudriaan) 

Poster 23. Co-Creation of a vital future of sedentary workers (Xiang Yu) 

Poster 24. Quality assessment of infection treatment by urologists at ZGT: a mixed methods study (Florinde Pas, Elske M. Engel-Dettmers, Nashwan Al Naiemi, Hero E. Dijkema, Annemarie L.M.A. Braakman-Jansen and Katja Taxis 


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