We welcome proposals in a variety of inspirational and interactive formats, such as symposia, workshops, demonstrations, posters or oral presentations.

We invite you to submit abstracts for our conference on subjects related to eHealth, mHealth, ePublic Health, eMental Health, big data for Health, self-tracking, smart coaching and related fields.

We favor innovative contributions that highlight some of the newest applications of eHealth technologies. We extend a warm welcome to pioneers, who explore new fields or new ways to apply eHealth technologies.

Important information

  • Submissions deadline: to be determined
  • All submissions will undergo thorough peer-review
  • Results of acceptance/rejection will be communicated to the submitting authors [date to be determined]
  • All presenting authors are required to register and pay for the conference

Submission type information

  • Oral presentations will be programmed in parallel sessions for individual speakers.
  • The program committee will select the presentations and will add them to one of the tracks
  • Oral presentations need to be presented in English
  • Estimated presentation duration: 10 minutes + 5 minutes discussion
  • A beamer and laptop will be available in the session room
  • Poster presentations give the possibility to share thoughts, visions and results with other interested delegates
  • Poster presentations need to be held in English
  • Estimated presenting time: during the official breaks
  • Posters are being presented through a poster board (Portrait orientation, 100 cm wide)
  • Some suggestions for your poster design: use graphics, tables/indexes, pictures and text in large font
  • Demonstrations are a good way to demonstrate  online applications, explain techniques or show new concepts to the interested delegates. It shows hands-on experience from the user. The presenter gives the opportunity to experiment, test, explore or evaluate the project. Subjects of demonstrations are design and development of eHealth interventions, both published or under construction or in bèta-version
  • Demonstrations need to be presented in English
  • Presenting time: during the official breaks
  • Available facilities: table and power socket
  • Workshops facilitate interactive forms of learning and experiencing.
  • The workshop leader introduces the subject and ensures enough time for discussion, analysing the thesis or evaluation of the subject. Especially workshops about new interventions will be highly appreciated.
  • Workshops need to be presented in English
  • Estimated maximum workshop duration: 45 minutes
  • A beamer and laptop will be available in the session room
  • Symposia give the opportunity to discuss and interact with audience and speakers about a certain topic.
  • All presentations relate to the one topic of the symposium.
  • Symposia need to be presented in English
  • Estimated max symposium duration: 90 minutes
  • A symposium has one chair, max 4 participants and one opponent (optional)
  • A beamer and laptop will be avaibale in the session room

More information?

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